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Last call for nominations

ConnYak will hold its annual election at its monthly meeting on January 17th at Parks & Rec. in Wallingford. Officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary) and also, if there is interest, up to three Members-at Large, will be elected to serve on the club's Executive Committee and guide our activities in 2018.

Nominations will be closed on Friday, January 12 so that a list of nominees can be announced on this bulletin board the weekend before the meeting.

All members present at the meeting can vote. Nominees need not be present to be elected, so do not worry if you wish to be considered but cannot make it. Also, nominations can be made "from the floor" by any member in attendance at the meeting.

Please consider volunteering for one of the positions -- nomination requires only membership in the club, a willingness to help lead the club as part of the Executive Committee and an e-mail to the club (execcomm@connyak.org) to let us know you are interested. So send us an email and we will add you to the list of nominees. As Erik has said, "you don't have to be a long-time senior member, we just need some enthusiastic folks willing to pitch in to help improve the club for everyone."

There are of course other ways members can contribute to making 2018 a great year of paddling. Please consider volunteering in other ways, posting a paddle, helping coordinate a club event like a picnic, organizing a group skills class, a campout or a raffle, recruiting new members, managing or improving the website, leading an entirely new venture for the club…. We welcome your involvement.

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