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: Unfortunately I will be out of town that weekend.

ConnYak pool sessions begin December 10.
As Rusty mentioned in a post above, our winter pool sessions are a great place to acquire new skills and brush up on old ones, or even check that your skills still work with a new boat or gear. The water is warm and so one can spend plenty of time practicing important foundations to safe paddling: wet exits, bracing strokes, self-rescues and assisted rescues. For me and many others I know, a lot of paddling is not so much difficult as it is counter-intuitive, and time building up "muscle memory", good form and core strength is well spent.
While Connyak does not offer formal instruction at its pool sessions in Cheshire, there are always paddlers there, some using Euro paddles, others Greenland paddles, willing to share and teach what they know, or simply spot you as you practice. Details as well as other dates for ConnYak pool sessions are listed on our Events page ( http://www.connyak.org/Yakevents.htm ) and our MeetUp site ( https://www.meetup.com/ConnYak-Connecticut-Sea-Kayakers/ ).
Greg Pacquin's Waveology holds its own series of pool sessions in Haddam, offering formal instruction and also open pool time for those who wish to practice. Check the ConnYak Commercial Ads page for details ( http://www.connyak.org/cgi-bin/Commercial.pl/page/1/md/read/id/493/sbj/2017-2018-winter-pool-session-dates/ ).
Last, if you live closer to New York, Sea Kayak Connecticut holds open sessions (i.e. no formal instruction) and offers some instructional programs throughout the season at the Greenwich YWCA. Details can be found at: http://seakayakct.com/pool.html
You'll be well set to go paddling once air and (especially) water temperatures begin to climb in the spring.

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