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RICKA post:


: Hello,

: I'm planning a paddle out of Mackerel Cove Jamestown this Saturday
: (Address: 50 Beavertail Rd Jamestown RI). I think a launch time
: of 10:30 will be a good given what I have planned and the
: predicted weather. High tide is 8:15 and low is 14:11. My email
: address is vector762@outlook.com if anyone wants to contact me
: directly. I'm trying to get a couple of non RICKA members and a
: few CONNYAK members to join us. I’m hoping this will be a good
: gathering at the end of the season.

: Predicted Course: https://www.flickr.com/photos/159334338@N08/

: I want to head south to the mouth of Mackerel Cove. Then head east
: toward Fort Wetherill up to the house on the rock assuming tide
: flow isn't high. Back track to the mouth of Mackerel cove where
: we meet up with someone driving from Yonkers NY and can't make
: the 10:30 launch time. Then move to Hull Cove and break if
: needed. Then move on to Beaver Tail and go around it if the
: conditions permit. Head north and land at the more northern
: beach cove on the west side of beaver tail for a break. Tide
: will be nearly out at this point so these beaches should be
: fully exposed making for an easy landing. Continue north toward
: Dutch Island and move to the north side of mackerel cove to end
: the trek. Google Earth says it will be 11.16 miles.

: This should be a level 3 trek unless abnormal conditions occur or
: more advanced rock gardening is desired. The contingency plan is
: to head to Beaver Tail and back track to Mackerel Cove.

: Be well,

: Kurt

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