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Thanks Greg.
If anyone is interested in the other programs that are part of this year's Autumn Gales, check out the Connyak Commercial Ads page for details, at: http://www.connyak.org/cgi-bin/Commercial.pl .
Greg just posted a list of some courses and evaluations that still have openings.

: 2017 Autumn Gales Lectures
: Hi folks,
: Each year at the Autumn Gales rough water symposium, and this will
: be our 9th year running. We deliver a lecture series that is
: open to the public and the paddling community. This is free of
: charge.
: So we hope you all can find some time to stop in and say hello and
: listen in, meet our international coaches, and support the event
: participants.
: Here is what on.
: Friday Night Oct 20th, 2017: Lecture No.1.
: -54 Degrees South. Expedition sea kayaking travels in Patagonia,
: Chiles Southern Ice Fields. Story Tellers Greg Paquin, Paula
: Riegel, and Juan Paulo Ceron. 1.0 hour
: Gathering time; 7:30PM, at NESS 72 Water Street, Stonington Borough
: Ct
: Saturday Night Oct 21, 2017: Lecture No.2.
: Elbow Injuries with paddling. Lateral Epicondylitis. Presented by
: Dr. James Kennedy. Rough water guide at the Gales. ½ hour
: Paddling in the Southern Hemisphere. By Nigel Dennis of Sea
: Kayaking UK. 1 hour.
: Gathering time; 7:30PM, at NESS 72 Water Street, Stonington Borough
: Ct.
: We hope to see some of the paddling community around at these
: lectures and hang around for some good cheer afterwards in
: Stonington Borough.
: Greg Paquin
: Kayak Waveology, LLC.

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