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Paddle to Block Island and back

So I am planning a trip to BI one of these weekends when the weather (today is perfect in fact, but I would have to be underway at this point) wants to cooperate and all the rest. My plan is to launch from Pt. Judith and paddle to the North end of the island have a picnic and a streach and head back to the mainland. My plan is to leave around peak ebb reaching the island around low tide and then returning as the flow starts to pick up. I paddle a 5kts+ Average pace and looking for someone who can keep up with that. I don't want to spend more than 6 hours (including lunch break) for the trip. If you're interested in going you should have open water experience, a fail proof self rescue, charts, compass, VHF, PDF, etc, etc. It will be a serious paddle and everyone going should feel confident with the others skill level. If you think you might be game for it email me at defchef at gmail.com and we can discuss the route, timing and logistics. Happy paddling.

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