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Re: Final report on ferry-kayak collision released

Any group of kayaks or other paddlecraft should not be paddling near active docks. Wide berth is the operative concept.

: http://www.maritime-executive.com/article/coast-guard-releases-report-on-new-york-kayak-collision

: The gist of it is:

: "The ferry's captain told the USCG that he did not see the
: group of kayakers due to glare, and the Coast Guard concluded
: that he bore a share of the blame: "The vessel captain did
: not maintain a safe speed or a lookout once the sun glare
: existed and was . . . at fault in the incident," the final
: report found. In addition, the Coast Guard said that the
: Manhattan Kayak Company (MKC) was at fault for "not taking
: action early in the trip to avoid collision" and for
: failing to notify ferry operators that they would be running a
: tour in the area. "

: "Failing to notify" is an interesting standard. Under
: what circumstances and when (after launching? periodically? when
: you are about to become a speed bump?) would a group of kayakers
: be expected to notify other vessels in the area of their
: presence in order to avoid liability in the event of a
: collision?

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