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Branford River to Farm River Pics *PIC*

Some substantial waves at the point were great for half of our group of eight, less so for the other half. The two motor boats plowing through the group during the worst of it didn't help, everyone stayed upright, though. Two paddlers bailed early at the Farm River launch (thanks for the shuttle service, Stan). Three of us went up the Farm River to the sluice and back after lunch while the others waited. Two carried over the troublesome point on the way back. It was, however, a beautiful day and a much nicer paddle than I just made it sound like. In the future, if folks would read the paddle descriptions more carefully and check the marine forecast before heading out, that would be great. Most of the places we paddle can be handled by anyone on a calm day, but when you add some sustained wind and maybe some opposing current, conditions can get quite challenging almost anywhere. This weekend, Branford was worse than Fisher's Island last weekend.

A few pics, some kinda crappy - I didn't shoot much and I skipped most of the good stuff (no wave pics) :

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