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Re: Branford River SBL Report

: Well, it's better than it was. I don't know about $1.5 million
: better, but better. There are two ramps now, one on either side
: of the dock, and new parking spots just to the right of this
: picture (more pics to come). There isn't really a designated
: kayak launching area, but some of the right side of the ramp is
: blocked by a pole. The ramp is kinda slippery at the water, but
: much better than it used to be - especially considering we
: launched at low tide. The rest of the parking lot is as crappy
: as ever. It didn't take long for people to figure out that the
: launch was open again as the place was pretty packed when we got
: back. I'll post some trip pics when I get around to sorting them
: out with a bunch more launch pics too.

Paddled there yesterday.
The area to the right of Erik's picture has now been posted as No Parking, so car parking is pretty much as before, along the left side of the site, aft of the portapotties (although as before, nothing is marked out and so it's a bit of a free for all).
They've made efforts to harden the parking area with some coarse crushed stone and graded it to an earthen ditch that runs along the left side of the parking lot emptying to the left of the ramps -- remains to be seen how well that manages the first flooding tide or heavy rain.
The ramp is very slippery -- someone launching as we returned took a pretty hard fall on the ribbed concrete in an area that seemed dry underfoot -- watch your step.
Agree with Erik's assessment -- a little better, but mostly just good to have it open again.

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