1998 National Recreational Boating SurveyData Book JSIOtherBook
A Canoeist's SketchbookKimber, RobertOtherBook
Adventure Kayaking, Cape CodWeintraub, DavidPlaces to PaddleBook
AMC Guide to Outdoor LeadershipKosseff SkillsBook
AMC River Guide, MA, CT, RI.Places to PaddleBook
AMC Whitewater HandbookLessels, BruceSkillsBook
Arctic CrossingWatermanOtherBook
Art of Paddling, vol 1 (basic strokes and sweeps)H20 OutfittersSkillsVHS
Art of Paddling, vol 2 (braces, sculls, rolls)H20 OutfittersSkillsVHS
Art of Paddling, vol 3 (rescues)H20 OutfittersSkillsVHS
Bahamas - Kayak Sailing the Exuma Islands.Places to PaddleVHS
Ben Lawry's Forward Stroke ClinicLawry, BenSkillsDVD
Best of Connyak Photo Show 2005Connyak membersVideo and PicturesDVD
Best of Connyak Photo Show 2006Connyak membersVideo and PicturesDVD
Book of the EskimosFreuchenOtherBook
Building a Greenland KayakStarrBuildingBook
Building Skin-On-Frame BoatsMorrisBuildingBook
Building Strip-Planked BoatsSchade, NickBuildingBook
Building the Greenland KayakCunninghamBuildingBook
Canoe, an Illustrated HistoryPoling, Sr.OtherBook
Canoeing and KayakingACASkillsBook
Canoeing and Kayaking for Persons with DisabilitiesWeber and ZellerSkillsBook
Canoeing HandbookBCUSkillsBook
Canoeing MA, RI and RIWeber, KenPlaces to PaddleBook
Capsize Recoveries vol. 1USKSkillsVHS
Capsize Recoveries & Rescue Procedures (2 CD's)USKSkillsDVD
Carving a Greenland PaddleJohnsonBuildingDVD
Cold, Wet and AliveACASkillsVHS
Complete Boating Guide to the CT River.Places to PaddleBook
Complete Book of SeakayakingHutchinson, DerekSkillsBook
Connyak Library Files.OtherFiles
CT Coastal Access Guide.Places to PaddleMap
CT Kayaking, A Paddler's GuideHodgins III and RaczPlaces to PaddleBook
CT River Hartford to Old Saybrook.Places to PaddleChart
Deep Trouble.OtherBook
Drysuit Seal ReplacementDsylin, NickBuildingVHS
Eastern Arctic KayakHeath and ArimaOtherBook
Eldridge Tide and Pilot Book.OtherBook
End GameAddison and SchaeftleinOtherDVD
Eskimo LifeNansenOtherBook
Eskimo rollingHutchinson, DerekSkillsBook
Essential SeakayakerSeidmanSkillsBook
Expedition KayakingHutchinson, DerekSkillsBook
First RollBabina, JaySkillsVHS
First RollBabina, JaySkillsDVD
Florida Keys Paddling GuideKeogh, BillPlaces to PaddleBook
Gasket Replacement Kit.BuildingKit
Grace Under Pressure - Learning the Kayak Roll.SkillsVHS
Greenland ExpeditionDupreOtherBook
Greenland Rolling with Dubside, Vol 1DubsideSkillsDVD
Greenland Style KayakingVan DorenSkillsVHS
Greenlanders at Fort DevinsFerris, GailVideo and PicturesVHS
Greg StamerBabina, JayVideo and PicturesVHS
Guide to 73 Lakes and Ponds of CT DEP Bulletin #10.Places to PaddleBook
Guide to SeakayakingHutchinson, DerekSkillsBook
Guide to Wooden Boats.OtherBook
Homegrown Boats, tape 1.Video and PicturesVHS
Homegrown Boats, tape 2.Video and PicturesVHS
Homelands, Kayaking the Inside PassageRicks, ByronPlaces to PaddleBook
Hot ShowersBumstedOtherBook
Illustrated Dictionary of Boating TermsRousmaniereSkillsBook
Journey on the JamesSwift, EarlOtherBook
KayakNealy, WilliamSkillsBook
Kayak Forward StrokeBarton and ChalupskySkillsVHS
Kayak NavigationBurch, DavidSkillsBook
Kayak ShopKulczycki , ChrisBuildingBook
Kayakers Edge.SkillsVHS
Kayaking 2006Schade, NickVideo and PicturesDVD
Kayaking Georgian BayReynolds and Smith Places to PaddleBook
Kayaking MagicTsunami RangersVideo and PicturesDVD
Kayaking Ocean Rock GardensTsunami RangersVideo and PicturesDVD
Kayaks of GreenlandGolden, HarveyOtherBook
Kayaks of the ArcticNickerson, E.B.OtherBook
Keep Australia on your LeftStillerOtherBook
Knots and splicesDay, CyrusSkillsBook
Knots for PaddlersWalbridge SkillsBook
Learning Fiberglass RepairBorden, WillBuildingDVD
Mass Coast Guide.Places to PaddleBook
Nanook of the NorthFlahertyVideo and PicturesDVD
Nanouk of the NorthFlaherty OtherBook
Newfound Rendez-vous.Video and PicturesVHS
Newfound Rendez-vous, Epoxy and Fiberglass.Video and PicturesVHS
Nigel Foster KayaksSales PromoVideo and PicturesDVD
Ocean Adventure KayakingTsunami RangersVideos and PicturesDVD
On Celtic TidesDuff, ChrisOtherBook
Outward Bound, Staying Warm in the Outdoors HandbookRandall SkillsBook
Pacific HorizonsSmith, BryanVideo and PicturesDVD
Paddle AmericaShears OtherBook
Paddle Sport.OtherDVD
Paddling Cape CodBull, Shirley and FredPlaces to PaddleBook
Paddling HawaiiSutherland Places to PaddleBook
Perfect Storm.Video and PicturesVHS
Performance Seakayaking.SkillsDVD
Performance Seakayaking, the Basics and BeyondSkillsVHS
Potomac JourneyStanton, RichardOtherBook
Practical Kayaking.SkillsDVD
Public access to the waters of MassMass public access boardPlaces to PaddleBook
Quiet Water, Mass, CT, RIWilson, AlexPlaces to PaddleBook
Quiet Water, New Hampshire, VermontWilson, AlexPlaces to PaddleBook
Reflections on San Francisco BayBoeshen, JohnOtherBook
Rescue Procedures vol.2USK SkillsVHS
River Days, Exploring the CT River from Source to SeaTougiasPlaces to PaddleBook
River RescueBechdel and RaySkillsBook
River Surfing 101.SkillsDVD
Rolling with Maligiaq.SkillsVHS
Rough WaterTerjandsen, CarlSkillsDVD
Sailing with Balogh Sail Designs.OtherVHS
Sea KayakingHutchinson, DerekSkillsBook
Sea Kayaking along the Mid-Atlantic CoastVenn, TamsinPlaces to PaddleBook
Sea Kayaking along the New England CoastVenn, TamsinPlaces to PaddleBook
Sea Kayaking Coastal MassEvans, LisaPlaces to PaddleBook
Seakayak RescueSchuman and ShrinerSkillsBook
Seakayak SafetyLeo Hoare & Oly SandersSkillsDVD
Seakayaking in MaineJohnson and SmithPlaces to PaddleBook
Seakayaking Series #1 - getting startedFoster, NigelSkillsDVD
Seakayaking Series #2 - essential strokesFoster, NigelSkillsDVD
Seakayaking Series #3 - directional controlFoster, NigelSkillsDVD
Seakayaking Series #4 - rescuesFoster, NigelSkillsDVD
Seakayaking Series #5 - forward PaddlingFoster, NigelSkillsDVD
Seakayaking Series #6 - rolling and bracingFoster, NigelSkillsDVD
Seakayaking, Safety and RescueLullSkillsBook
Seekers of the HorizonNordbyOtherBook
Sit-on-top KayakingHolteySkillsBook
Soft Paddling Guide to Ontario and New EnglandReynolds and Smith Places to PaddleBook
Southern ExposureDuff, ChrisOtherBook
Strip-built SeakayakSchade, NickBuildingBook
The Bombproof Roll and BeyondDutky, PaulSkillsBook
The Concord, Sudbury and Assabet riversMcAdow, RonPlaces to PaddleBook
The Deerfield River GuidebookLessels, Sims, DowdPlaces to PaddleBook
The Farmington River Guide.Places to PaddleBook
The Hidden CharlesTougias, MikePlaces to PaddleBook
The Hudson River Water Trail GuideGiddy, IanPlaces to PaddleBook
The Inflatable Kayak HandbookAllan, MelindaOtherBook
The Last RiverBalf, TomOtherBook
The River CharlesMcAdow, RonOtherBook
This Cold HeavenEhrlichOtherBook
This is the SeaCackle TVVideo and PicturesDVD
This is the Sea 2Cackle TVVideo and PicturesDVD
This is the Sea 3Cackle TVVideo and PicturesDVD
This is the Sea 4Curjenven, JustineVideo and PicturesDVD
Tidewaters of the CT riverMaloney, ThomasPlaces to PaddleBook
Transom Fiberglass RepairBorden, WillBuildingDVD
Unclaimed Coast: Kayaking Ernest Shackleton's South Georgia Is.Jones, MarkPlaces to PaddleBook
UpstreamBachman, BenOtherBook
Voyage of the AntDina, JamesOtherBook
Water trails of Western MassSmith, CharlesPlaces to PaddleBook
White Water and SeakayakingFordSkillsBook
White water!Blaine, MarkSkillsBook
Wood and Canvas Kayak BuildingPutzBuildingBook
Wood Boat Meet 2002 - Bluff PointBabina, JayVideo and PicturesVHS