Pete Strand

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I started building kayaks in 1961 with 3 Skin On Frame (SOF) boats to Mechanics Illustrated plans. Sawn frames, screwed stringers and canvas. I also have built 2 stitch and glue boats, a Tred Avon Double and Patuxent 19.5 from Chesapeake Light Craft.

You can see some of Pete's other work on his web site Qajaqs Of Peter Strand

Three recent boats.

18.5 footx20inx5 7/8in 29 lb 16.5 footx18.5x5 7/8in 24 lb 9 footx12inx5in 9 lb, with 4 foot beam outriggers for kids.

19'2"x19 1/4"x8 1/2", Greenland Storm Kayak or as the Greenlanders describe it, Kayak Without Ribs. Surprisingly manageable, even in high winds, Rolls easily, but, not like a log. Fast and straight tracking (hard to turn).