Joy and Dennis McNeil

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Night Heron

This is the first strip boat we made. It is a Greenland Deck Night Heron, plans by Nick Shade. The Greenland deck Night Heron was our first attempt at strip building. We cut our own strips and also cut cove and beads on them.

Outer Islands

Our two Outer Islands were made from plans by Jay Babina. We did not use cove and bead on these. Den's is a full sized OI with a modified deck. A 16" radius circle was used for the front deck curve and the rear deck was flattened at the shear. Joy's OI was made with plans that had been copied at 90%. This resulted in a width of about 19-3/4". We made it 17' long and flattened the rear deck. Both boats are really nice boats to paddle.

S&G Roller

This is the second edition of Joy's Stich-and-Glue rolling boat. It is about 17' long and 19 1/2" wide. Front coaming height is 8" and rear is about 4 1/2". It rolls very well, and paddles pretty well too.

CLC Sport Tandem Double

The double was made from plans from CLC for their Sport Tandem. We lowered the shear line a good 2 1/2", flattened the rear deck, and made a lower front cockpit coaming, so that the boat could be rolled. It now has a rudder, which was necessary, as the boat is 21'. It is fast and fun to paddle. It can be hand rolled, too!


The Petrel was made from Nick Shade's plans, with a slight modifications. The deck height was lowered about an inch at the cockpit with a gradual rise back to the original height. An ocean cockpit replaced Nick's design. This is a great boat for rougher water. It is extremely stable, surfs well and is a great boat, but we feel it does need a skeg for our use.

Den's Rolling Boat

This is the second version of Den's rolling boat. It is a S&G based on a Yost folder..

The Igdlorssuit

Den's newest boat is an Igdlorssuit. This has a plywood hull with a strip top. This boat was first built as a skin boat by Emanuele Korneiliussen in 1959. The Anus Acuta was based on it.