Dean Bertoldi

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I started to build this skin on frame West Greenland kayak in the winter of 1999, finishing in late spring of 2000 (about 4 months to complete).  The construction technique consists of pegging and lashing gunnels, deck beams, ribs, chines and a keel together to form a skeleton that will accept a polyester skin. The basic construction was not overly complicated, but required solving several “problems” along the way.

 The boat has a relatively low amount of initial stability, but does exhibit fair secondary stability. At speed the kayak cruises effortlessly with no pull to either side. Rolling and other maneuvers are very easy to execute. This is an extremely low volume, tight fitting performance boat; the specs are as follows: Length - 17’1”, width - 19.875”, fore deck height - 8.75“, aft deck height - 4.75“, freeboard - .375”, and weight (estimate) 30-35 lbs. If you would like to try this kayak (providing you fit) or have any questions, contact Dean at