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Redfish - Spring Run, 17ft X 24 in. weight 48lbs.

This boat was the first boat (kayak) that I built.  The boat is made of red cedar that was purchased at Newfound Woodworks, 7.5 oz fiberglass cloth from Defender Industries, and West System epoxy.  The plans from Redfish were easy to work with and understand.  Joe Greenly was very easy to get a hold of to solve any questions I encountered while in the building process.  Tracks good, great for camping, lots of room for gear and still quite stable.

 Jason Design - Outer Island, 18 ft X 22 in, 45 lbs.

Fast boat, tracks great, made of red cedar that I milled myself.  Cedar is from Landon Lumber in Madison, CT.  Fun boat to use.  Easy to roll.  The boat was made in the same manner as my first boat using 7.5 oz cloth and West System epoxy.  The plans were easy to use, and Jay Babina was also very helpful in the building process.

Spring Run

Outer Island